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A Guide for Caregivers: How To Create a Home Health Care Routine

As a caregiver, you are focused on providing excellent personal care and ensuring your loved one is getting their needs met. Caregiving has so many fine points and details that it can be hard to remember them all. This is why creating and running a daily home health care routine is so important. 

A daily home health care routine has the power to provide balance to both you and the person you are caring for. A daily routine will ensure that a loved one’s needs are met. You will be able to keep track of all the caregiving activities that need to be accomplished and know how to effectively involve home care services. This allows you and a loved one to be on the same page and receive the best care possible. 

Having a daily routine allows you to easily integrate home care services from WellSpring Home Health. We are located in both Anchorage and Wasilla, Alaska and have a Tahoma, Washington office as well.  Our personal care services will seamlessly become a part of your loved one’s schedule.

Read this blog and you will find out the power of a daily home health care routine.

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A Daily Home Health Care Routine Simplifies Your Life

Simplicity makes life easier. Knowing when and what you are going to do throughout the day simplifies your life and allows you to fully enjoy being a caregiver. There is no need to live in chaos because a daily home health care routine ensures that your loved one’s needs are consistently addressed. 

Creating a daily home health care routine doesn’t require a computer or smartphone. A daily routine can be made on a piece of notebook paper. What’s important is to consistently follow the daily routine and make sure the daily routine addresses your loved one’s needs. The power comes from simply practicing the routine. 

Creating a Daily Home Health Care Routine

Tips to Simplify Your Home Healthcare Routine infographic

First, to create a daily home health care routine, take note of all the immediate care needs your loved one requires. These are priorities and must be addressed right away due to their importance. For example, eating, sleeping, taking medications, and personal hygiene are all very critical and should be addressed at regular times throughout the day. Make a list of these priorities then write down the times they will occur. Once you have a list of these top priorities and their times, then you are ready to move onto the next step.

Split the Daily Home Health Care Routine into Smaller Time Chunks

Splitting the daily home health care routine into three to four separate time chunks will make the routine easier to follow. This can be as simple as dividing the routine into morning, midday, and evening time chunks. Organizing your time by chunks will also add a rhythm to your day and allow you and your loved one to know what to expect as the day progresses.  

Additionally, smaller time chunks make it easier to know when the time is right to schedule home care services. If the person you are caring for requires services such as physical therapy, nursing care, or speech therapy then WellSpring Home Health’s home care services can easily integrate these personal care services into your daily routine. We are here to help and want to deliver seamless home care that promotes the health and well-being of your loved one. 

Address Specific Needs and Enjoyable Activities

A daily home health care routine is a powerful method for ensuring your loved one’s needs are accounted for and can be met on a daily basis. Your loved one is a unique individual and will most certainly have specific needs that have to be addressed. If your loved one is a child, then helping them get ready for school and assisting them with their homework will have to be a part of the daily home health care routine.  

WellSpring Home Health provides a variety of home care services and can help out with the specific needs your loved one has. We offer services such as disability care, elder care, nursing care, veterans care, medical social work, and more. Please feel free to contact us. You will discover that we offer empathic and trustworthy home health care services. We provide home health care in Anchorage and Wasilla, Alaska (and surrounding areas) as well as in Pierce County, Washington. A daily home health care routine also becomes even more effective when excellent home health care services are provided. 

As a friendly reminder, please be sure to provide time for enjoyable activities that bring delight and purpose to your loved one. Enjoying the moment makes us human and helps your loved one find meaning in their life while increasing their emotional, mental and physical health.

Everyone deserves enjoyment.  People who receive care, such as seniors, are sure to engage in activities that give them happiness. If the person you’re caring for loves reading then be sure they have some time each day to enjoy the bliss that is reading. Or, if your loved one likes visiting the park in the afternoon, be sure to include a visit in your home health care routine. Connecting with your loved one and allowing them to enjoy themselves is a huge part of providing quality care.

Adapt the Daily Home Health Care Routine

When you create a daily home health care routine, there is a high chance that changes will have to be made because parts of the routine will not work. Embrace this challenge and stay flexible in your thinking. Adapt your daily caregiving routine so you can ensure your loved one’s needs are properly addressed and given the attention they deserve. Likewise, it helps to be flexible when scheduling home care services. Your loved one may require additional home care services on occasion or may receive home care services at alternative times.

Additionally, it’s easy to underestimate the time of activities such as bathing your loved one, cooking a meal, and cleaning their room. Add about 10-15 minutes additional time. More time ensures that you don’t have to rush and that you provide quality care. Another helpful tip is to use a stopwatch to accurately estimate the time needed for caregiving activities. Stay with it. Over time, the routine will naturally develop. Eventually, practicing the daily home health routine and adapting it will become second nature. 

By creating a home health care routine, you may discover that you need some extra help for day-to-day caregiving activities. WellSpring Home Health provides day-to-day home care services such as bathing, meal preparation, and running errands. We focus on providing the care you need to make your loved one’s life safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable. Remember you are not alone. Caregiving require a lot of effort and it helps knowing there are home care services available to help your loved one along their journey. The journey of life is precious and we are here to ensure they are cared for like family. 

Leave Time to Adjust to Your New Routine 

Keep your daily routine up-to-date and easily accessible for your loved one. This way they can learn the schedule. You may want to create separate routines for each day of the week. Also, it helps to keep track of appointments on a monthly calendar.

Make time to connect and talk mindfully to your loved one. Listening and talking genuinely is therapeutic and will give both of you a chance to learn from each other. Always remember the purpose is to care for your loved one.

Sometimes we need extra help. It’s okay. Contact us. We want to help.