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Home Health Aide/Certified Nurse

Our team of home health aides helps patients stay in their homes by assisting them with their day-to-day self-care activities. This includes personal care items like bathing, dressing, eating, toileting, grooming, mobility, errands, appointments, and more.

Home health aides also help with duties such as meal preparation, shopping, running errands, laundry, housekeeping, and transportation. Our mission is to help people achieve their highest level of potential, while making living at home as safe and comfortable as possible. We’re committed to providing high quality care.

Skilled Nurse/Registered Nurse

Our highly skilled and compassionate skilled nurses work closely with the client, their physician and their family to provide services to maintain the client’s health while preventing further illness and injury.

This includes management of chronic diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, hypertension, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and more. This also includes medication management, ostomy care, post-surgical care, post-stroke care, fall prevention, catheter care, wound care, and more.

Physical Therapist

Our physical therapists work with physicians and patients to develop treatment plans that promote mobility, reduce pain, restore functionality, and prevent disability. They provide an exceptional level of customer service while executing daily treatments and completing necessary documentation.

Physical therapy includes services such as mobility assistance, pain management, exercise programs, massage therapy, movement and joint motion analysis, and balance training. Physical therapists specialize in rehabilitation for individuals who have a disability or injury.

Occupational Therapist

Our occupational therapists guide and instruct clients in therapeutic self-care, such as the use of wheelchairs, braces, splints, and prosthetic and orthotic devices. They help patients learn new skills in their living and working environments and establish goals based on each patient’s functionality and potential.

Occupational therapy includes fitting prosthetics, device training, fall prevention, posture correction, pain management, hazard awareness and injury protection, specialized education programs, balance training, and motor skills rehabilitation.

Speech Therapist

Our speech therapists work closely with patients to develop their language and speech skills and empower them to improve their communication and quality of life.

Speech therapists help treat feeding and swallowing difficulties, developmental delays, traumatic brain injuries, hearing loss and impairments, learning difficulties, auditory processing disorders, stammering and stuttering, cognitive communication disorders, motor speech disorders, stroke impairments, and neurological conditions.

Medical Social Worker

Our medical social workers provide services to patients in accordance with physicians’ orders and under the supervision of our Clinical Director. They help patients and their families cope with the personal, physical, and emotional effects of their disease or disability.

Medical social workers also assist with financial resources and community assistance programs such as home meal delivery or support groups. This can be delivered as hourly care, live-in care, mobile senior services, or private duty nursing depending on the patient’s needs.