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Can I Get Professional Speech Therapy With Home Care?

Are you noticing some problems with the way you have been communicating through your speech lately? Are you having difficultly producing certain words? Are you stuttering more often than usual? Speech therapy can help. Speech therapy is the assessment of speech disorders and coming up with solutions and different treatments to help get your speech back on track.

Speech therapy helps people communicate and overcome feeding and swallowing difficulties. It’s an important part of home care services, especially if you’re experiencing these conditions (traumatic brain injuries, hearing loss, stroke recovery, etc.).

In this blog, we are going to discuss the importance of speech therapy, its benefits, and how to get started.

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Why Speech Therapy Is Important

If you or your child have a speech impediment or are experiencing issues with eating and swallowing, speech therapy can be a great resource for helping you or your child overcome this. Having a speech impediment can sometimes feel embarrassing because you can’t produce words correctly, you don’t have the ability to carry on a conversation, or maybe you’re having a tough time giving a presentation. Whatever the situation may be, you’ll feel embarrassed and worried about what others may think of you. All these negative thoughts running through your mind may leave you feeling alone and depressed and can lead to an anxiety disorder.

Just because you are unable to formulate words properly does not mean you are any less great than everyone else. Everyone is unique in their own, individual ways, and it’s important we learn to embrace that about ourselves. We are all human beings at the end of the day. We aren’t perfect and if you are trying to overcome a certain disorder, there are tons of tools out there for you to use.

Investing in speech therapy is your first step in the right direction for getting yourself back on track. Every step should be celebrated because you are not only working to improve your speech but you are also doing it to become a better version of yourself. Speech therapy is performed by speech-language pathologists (SLPs), also known as speech therapists. These SLPs can really help you regain the ability to formulate words better and help you feel more confident in the way you speak in front of others.

The Benefits of Speech Therapy

Anyone at any age can develop a speech disorder, but luckily there are ways to fix this. There are many benefits of speech therapy. Check them out.

Better Articulation

If you are looking for a way to improve your or your child’s communication abilities, articulation is key. The more people learn to articulate their words, the better they will sound, the more confidence they will have, and their communication skills will improve drastically. Speech therapists will be able to break down certain words you are having difficulties with and identify the best exercises to correct this problem.

Improved Swallowing

Difficulty swallowing can be another key indicator that you may need speech therapy. People with a speech disorder might have a hard time swallowing, which is the term we use for dysphagia. This might mean you have a challenging time swallowing any type of liquid and solids. Or you may take longer to eat and drink because of the process it takes to get it down your esophagus.

Speech therapy is an excellent way to improve this problem. The speech therapist will be able to perform a variety of techniques and different exercises to improve oral intake and flow of air circulation. Learning to relax the tongue and practicing proper swallowing and biting techniques will help improve this condition almost immediately.

Reduced Stuttering

According to the Stuttering Foundation, more than 70 million people worldwide stutter, which is about one percent of the population. That means over 3 million Americans in the United States are struggling with stuttering. When people stutter, it can sometimes make them lose their train of thought or cause them to feel embarrassed because they keep stuttering and cannot seem to speak fluently.

Speech therapists will be able to give your proper techniques that may work to improve stuttering such as:

  • Taking deep breaths before beginning a conversation or engaging with someone else.
  • Slow down when you talk. This will give your brain time to process the words before they come out.
  • If certain words are giving you major trouble and you just can’t seem to pronounce the word properly, find a different word with similar meaning that is easier for you to process.
  • If you are a nervous speaker, try to use your hands more often or pace if needed. This will be able to calm any nerves you may have and work to help relax the tongue, making speech more fluent and easier to understand.

Proper Pronunciation for Second Languages

As mentioned previously, speech therapy can help you formulate your words better and allow you the ability to speak more fluently. However, speech therapy can also be used to either get rid of an accent or helping you gain and learn a new one. The first step is understanding the way you sound. The next step is getting into a speech rhythm. Your speech therapist will be able to assist and guide you through the necessary steps to be successful in achieving this goal.

Increased Confidence

When someone develops a speech disorder, it can really take a toll on their mental health and overall well-being. It’s important to feel confident even if you do have a speech impediment. Take ownership of it; there is nothing to be scared or ashamed about. According to ASHA, about 7 percent of Americans have some form of language impairment while about 5 to 10 percent of Americans have a communication disorder.

If you are feeling alone and down, remember that you aren’t the only one with a speech disorder and that speech therapy can help.  

Reduced Anxiety and Stress

Some speech disorders are worsened by social anxiety. This can stem from their peers ridiculing them laughing at them when struggling to pronounce words. This is a common reason for speech issues with children and teenagers. A speech therapist can help children become more confident in their speech and minimize anxiety when talking around others.

Give Speech Therapy a Try With WellSpring Home Health

WellSpring Home Health is located right in Alaska and works to provides quality home care from reliable professionals. Our goal is to help individuals live a full, healthy life regardless of their health, age, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin. We treat all of our patients like family and work to improve the quality of life for all. Our environment will make you feel welcome and comfortable.

If you are struggling with a speech disorder, WellSpring Home Health offers skilled home care services which include speech therapy. Our speech therapists here will help you develop language and speech skills or overcome swallowing disorders.

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